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Jonah (2010) Archives - Base Camp 2017Base Camp 2017



Luke and Craig go all out after the mystery fish on the last night of Base Camp 2010.

Their worst nightmare has resurfaced to show them up for the second year in a row.


Inflatables made for a great family night for everyone.

Going down with the ship.

Bungee races.

Bungee races.

Head to head. Jared will be sore tomorrow.

Kids went bananas for the monkey bounce house.

Tear down 🙁 It was a great night and week. Thanks Base Camp staff for all the fun.






Everyone is getting in the groove with motions and song. Praise the Lord!

A moment of prayer before the assembly is dismissed.

Troy leads the large group teaching reflecting on God's HUGE love for us all.

Ms Jody presents God's plan of salvation and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven to the little ones during large group teaching time.

Life size whale on the gym floor gives kids perspective how they could fit into the belly of a whale like Jonah did.

The younger kids take their turn in the belly of the life size whale painted on the gym floor.

Wet Wedneday held true to its name. There wasn't a dry shirt to be found.

A hill, soap, water, and plastic, a winning combination for a good ole time.

Even the counselors Noreen and Gwen get into the water slide action.


Jason looks like he might take a bite out of Kisha's daughter if she doesn't rescue her.

A towel parade of girls who had an absolute blast slipping and sliding through the Wet Wednesday obstacle course.

A topping frenzy as icecream is enjoyed after playing on the water slide.

Girls warm each up and warm each others heart with true friendship.

Craig and Luke tried a bait system that left them in the cold. The HUGE mystery fish is still on the loose.



We heard from Jimmy’s doctor, and it sounds like he is going to be ok. He may even make an appearance tonight, if he is up for it.

Send him your get better soon notes here: Jimmy’s Facebook Fan Page for All His Awesome Fans.



Not only has there been a HUGE, mysterious thing hunt going on upstairs, there was a mysterious, levitating balloon spotted at Base Camp yesterday. Could these two be related? Probably.



Campers get high fives heading in with enthusiasm to day three of Base Camp 2010.

The guys show their counselor how much they appreciate him with a full out tackle and pile-up.

A prayer to thank God for his HUGE compassion for us all.

You go Ms Jodi. Thanks for all the great teaching!

Ring around the rosie fun while dancing to the Wild Kingdom puppet band.

Tossing the water balloon in to the whales mouth as part of the games obstacle course.

Arms linked and hearts connected. These girls are making friendships that make God smile.

A hop, skip and a jump towards fun, faith and friendship.

The sun begins to set on another great night of nice weather, fun games, and quaility time learning about the Lord.

Go team Go! Nobody dropped the ball on being good sportmans tonight.

Thanks sports crew for all your efforts to make game time so fun!

Memory game. Practice for learning our memory verse. Psalm 103:8

Oh Jimmy, what has become of you?

Trying to revive Jimmy from his tragic run in with the HUGE mystery fish. Will Craig and Luke be able to avenge Jimmy and finally catch the mystery creature that lurks in the depths? Join us Wednesday to find out.

Noreen and her cabin girls enjoy singing worship songs together. Thanks for your energy!

Heather and Wendy take a moment at the end of tonight to pray together.



Bryan and Jay lead the way to the start of Day Two of Base Camp 2010.

Opening ceremonies reveal tender hearts opening to each other in Christ's love.

Bev takes the little ones through the HUGE story of Jonah.

Jack loving the little children as they watch the puppet show.

The boys are hooked watching the puppet show.

The girls enjoy dancing and praising the Lord during the puppet show.

Little ones bow their heads in prayer together after the large group lesson.

Water balloon toss resulted in many laughs and wet clothes.

Team mates watch in suspense as a team member rushes to catch the launched water balloon in a plastic bag wrapped around his body.

A race for the balloon, going... going .....

Kindergarden boys learn the difference between obeying and disobeying. Thumbs up to Ms Heather and Ms Wendy.

We seem to have a communciations problem on this day's Scariest Catch episode. Luke didn't catch the hint but did they catch the HUGE mystery looming in the baptistry?

They guys decided to take thier hunt up a notch from fishing poles to spears, face paint, and mohawks. The mystery fish still eluded them tonight, let's find out what means they are going to go to tomorrow to catch their nemesis.






Campers anxiously awaiting friends and the start of Base Camp 2010.

Stephanie swims her campers into the opening ceremonies of Base Camp 2010.

Pastor Craig leads the music in an underwater scene that flooded the sanctuary.

Is there a sweeter sight and sound then a young child learning to worship the Lord in song?

Some members of the Brazil Team teach a new song complete with fun motions.

Finding Nemo and Finding out how God called Jonah to show grace, mercy and love to his enemies.

Getting caught up in learning how Jonah was called to a HUGE mission - to show love and compassion to others. Now just don't get caught up in those jellyfish.

Young campers join Jonah and the crew aboard the ship to Ninevah and encounter a wild storm resulting in Jonah being thrown overboard. Come aboard tomorrow to learn Jonah's fate in the sea.

Making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Follow the Leader, just as we are to learn to follow our leader and Lord Jesus Christ.

Boys are ready to take on a whale!

Going for the flag during outdoor games. Thank God for a night of great weather.

Waiting for a bite....

....fighting to hang on to the HUGE on the end of the line....

....coming up empty handed. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more luck to the scariest catch.




Behind the scenes, the staff plans the plan of attack for tomorrow, what went well/what didn’t. Adrenaline just starting to wear off. 🙂




Base Camp opening ceremonies – all kids present and accounted for. 🙂




Are you ready for this? It’s gonna be HUGE!!



Preaching from the Belly of the Whale

Preaching from the Belly of the Whale

Pastor Jeff added emphasis to his message of faith today delivering from the mouth of a giant whale. The whale and other sea creatures have taken over Forest Hills Baptist Church’s sanctuary and entire building to prepare the minds and hearts of the kids to hear the lessons learned from the book of Jonah. Come join us as we kick off tonight at 6pm in the FHBC sanctuary, It is goin’ to be HUGE!




This is gonna be HUGE. Get ready….



We NEED your help!

  • WED 7/28 11-3
  • THURS 7/29 10-2 AND 6-9
  • FRI 7/30 10-1
  • SAT 7/31 10-2 (IF NEEDED)

We will also need help removing chairs from the sanctuary on Sunday afternoon, 8/1.

Your help is very appreciated. We still have a few things we need:

  • Disco ball
  • Really tall ladders (2) or a lift to hang things in the sanctuary
  • Nautical ropes
  • Anchors
  • Stuffed sea creatures
  • Other nautical/under the sea stuff





…and it’s gonna be HUGE!

August 1-5, 2010. Might want to bring a snorkel.