What did you say?

I was over at church the other day and saw some of the decorations that are being created. Many of the banners have rows of what look like pictures on them. They are called hieroglyphics. While we use an alphabet to write words, Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to convey information. A few of them look like people or animals, but other of the ‘pictures’ I have no idea what they are or mean! Trying to help, I traced a few on a banner and found out later that maybe I had some of them upside down or backwards. No one thought it was a big deal as most of us won’t know the difference, but it made me think how hard it can be to communicate with others.

For example, can you guess what my ‘hieroglyphics’ say?

What do ou think this means?

What do ou think this means?

I am guessing all my friends at FHBC will say “I love Jesus” or “I love God”. Someone who doesn’t know about Jesus, though, might not understand that the picture of the cross stands for Him. They might also see the picture of the eye and not realize it means ‘I’. They may even think it means ‘see’. What about the heart? Do you think everyone all over world would know that it stands for ‘love’? Suddenly my pictures might not mean the same thing and say something totally different!

Let’s try one more. Look at the following images. What do you think they mean?

What do you think of when you see these?

What do you think of when you see these?

The first thing that comes to my mind with them all in a row is arrows, but if you just had the first one, what else could it be? I think it could stand for a house or home. What if you lived someplace where everyone lived in caves and had never seen the kinds of houses we have here? If you didn’t speak the same language or come from the same place, how could you make sure that they understood that it means the place you live in? I think it would be really hard!

Why don’t you try it? Make your own sentence out of your very own ‘hieroglyphics’ and see if your friends or family know what you are saying. Or, more fun yet, play a game of Pictionary with them! Later talk about how hard it was or wasn’t to figure things out. Then imagine being a missionary in another place where they speak a different language and where they don’t know about Jesus. How hard do you think it is to help them understand about God, sin, forgiveness, and salvation?

I would love to hear about your fun with hieroglyphics and about how you could tell someone about Jesus who doesn’t know Him! (With or without hieroglyphics, as there are lots of ways to tell/show people about Jesus!) Ask your parents if you can share your ideas below.

Does anyone know what the hieroglyphics on our logo stand for? I don’t!

3 Weeks Away!!!!

Do you know what happens in just 3 weeks?! It is one of the best times of the whole summer! It may even better than a vacation! I mean, where and when else can you take a trip with several of your closest friends (and some brand new ones!) going to fascinating times and places? In past years we’ve visited the Old West, time traveled to the Medieval Age, been in the belly of a whale, stranded on a deserted island, and got to hang out with awesome heroes! I’m not sure of any vacation that offers such a variety of fun times on top of super games, delicious snacks, wonderful worship songs, and a chance to learn more and tell others about Jesus! Are you signed up for this year’s adventure?

Base Camp 2014 is DELIVERED. While I don’t know many of the details, it looks like we are headed for exciting times in Ancient Egypt! I have never been to there, so I can’t wait to go! What do you think Egypt might be like? Why do you think we are going there? Do you remember any people in the Bible that are connected to Egypt? When you think of Egypt, what kinds of things do you think of? Get permission to share your ideas here, draw a picture of your thoughts, and be sure to invite some friends to join us. Base Camp is always fun but even more so with new friends, and what a great way to share Jesus with them!

To help us plan and get smooth start, be sure to have your parents register here and share the link with your friends!

Base Camp 2014: Delivered

Base Camp 2014 is less than 2 months away!

This year’s theme is Delivered! We’ll be learning about the life of Moses and his part in God’s rescue plan for his people, and ultimately the Redeemer.

There will be some pretty awesome action in our archaeological dig, too. Plan on coming and invite a friend or six!

For a smoother first evening check-in, please: Pre-register Online