Day 5: Message DELIVERED

Let Them Go

Thank you to everyone who came out for our final night of Base Camp 2014: DELIVERED! We had a great time wrapping up what we learned this week and sharing a little of it with our families. Speaking of sharing, it seems that it was the point of our time with the archeologist, shopkeeper, Golden Sisters, and friends. It was only after a new stranger spoke with them about how some things have more value when they are shared that our group shifted their focus from keeping as much for themselves to how much others could benefit from their find too. In fact, our new stranger reminded us about the value in knowing Jesus and how God wants us to share His truth with everyone. Have you ever told anyone about Jesus? It can be scary, but it is what God really wants. God wants EVERYONE to know about Himself and the truth of Jesus.


Well, our skit led straight into our time with Pastor Craig who shared the truth about Jesus: how we are all sinners, how Jesus came to save us, grace, forgiveness…. I know he mentioned, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. There are no silly questions or concerns!!! It may make you nervous to ask, but anyone at FHBC would love to talk with you.

To wrap up our time looking at Moses and “Egypt’s Got Talent”, our duo took one last chance in front of the judges. What did you think of their song? Did you think they were going to sing the song from Frozen “Let It Go?” It certainly seemed that way, but our duo took it straight to the story of Moses and Pharaoh!


After our group time together, I think we all had a blast eating dinner, talking, and enjoying fun activities outside. I know that all your Base Camp staff loved having you all here this week, and hope you enjoyed it too. If you are interested in other activities for kids and families, please check out our website at

Evening photo highlights:



















Day 4: Base Camp’s Got TALENT!

Ten Commandment BoogieI don’t know much about Egypt, but I really think that Base Camp has TALENT! I have to say that I was totally amazed by “The Ten Commandment Boogie,” and I think you all were too. The crowd certainly went wild! I’m not sure how the judges could not let even our duo move on. They all have my vote!


Beyond the Boogie, tonight was just another amazing night in itself! The most amazing part was what we learned, though. Do you remember the big, most important, fact from the week? I sat in with our oldest campers again as Mr. Scott shared more about Jesus and the cross. While it is amazing and true that God used Moses to deliver the Israelites from Pharoah, it is even more amazing and true that Jesus came to deliver us from sin. I think a lot of us have heard about Jesus for so long that we forget or don’t really understand how amazing and what a wonderful gift it is! Imagine being in prison and then getting out. You can finally move around, see the sun…. How do you think it would feel? I think it would be pretty incredible. Well, Jesus has freed us from sin. We don’t like to think about it, but we ALL really do sin. And, well, sin is something that keeps us from really living life and enjoying all the things God has in store for us. It keeps us from Him! What do you think about that? Do you know Jesus? Have you really accepted Him? If you have, have you maybe forgotten just a bit and fallen into some old habits? No matter where you are, God knows it! He knows your sin. He knows my sin. He knows the sin of your friend next door. He knows our biggest need, and Jesus came to take care of that need!


After Base Camp tonight, I heard that our 1st grade girls talked a bit about choices. Do you know that we all have a choice? We can choose to stay in prison chained to sin, or we can choose to let Jesus set us free. God doesn’t force us even though He wants nothing more than to see us choose to come to Him. I have a feeling that Pastor Craig is going to talk to us a bit more about that tonight. If you have questions, I hope you will ask any of your Base Camp staff! And, remember, just like with Moses and the Egyptian he killed, sin likes nothing more than to make us ashamed and scared. Even if you know Jesus, it is okay to tell someone else about it. It makes it a lot less scary and helps break those chains. Someone else can even help you pray with God about it. God already knows, so there is nothing you can say to Him that will change how much He loves you!

Whew, I need to get going, but I hope to see everyone tonight. (Yes, I am just a bit off again in posting….) We also get to see the conclusion of our story with the archeologist. What fun!













Day 3: Plagued


Okay, so we didn’t experience real plagues (other than at snack time!), but I can honestly say that we have been “plagued” by plenty of smiles. If I had to choose, I think it is a pretty great thing with which to be plagued!


Anyway, I can hardly believe that tonight was our third day of Base Camp: DELIVERED! Every night seems to hold something new. What did you think of tonight? Did you have a favorite part? Personally, I love it all, but I really like the worship time. It is great to see you guys all smiling, singing, and enjoying praising God.

Tonight our teaching time focused on Moses, Pharaoh, and the plagues, but most importantly how God’s power was made known. God really does seem to have it all in control! If God cares that much about Moses and the Israelites, do you think He cares about us like that too? Do you think He is in control even when things seem a bit scary or even crazy? One of our teachers mentioned how her class talked about ways we see God’s power all around us. God doesn’t have to part the Red Sea for us to see Him work. We can see Him in our everyday lives and even in things like a thunderstorm. How do you see God? Get your parents’ permission to share your ideas below. I’d love to hear them!


Early in the evening we also watched as the friends, archeologist, shopkeeper, and Golden Sisters snuck into the cave. Do you remember what they were after? What do you think will happen next? Were you surprised by the scream from our archeologist? Some of our kindergarteners thought he sounded a bit like a girl! It certainly was high pitched and different than most of us probably expected.

Speaking of unexpected, we got to see another interesting talent from our duo. What did you think of their talent? One of the judges liked it so much that she cried!

Well, it is way past my bedtime, so here area few photos until tomorrow!


Day 2: DELIVERED Surprises

Ready for Day 2!
How was your 2nd day at DELIVERED? Mine was a lot of fun and held some surprises! One of my strangest surprises was seeing a snowball fight in August! I know that it has been a cooler than normal summer, but it has not been that cold and certainly not yesterday! Wondering what I am talking about? Well, ask any of our youngest campers, and I am betting they will tell you about their fun game throwing “snowballs” at one another and their leaders. I know I saw tons of smiles.

Snowballs in August

Speaking of surprises, were you surprised to learn more about that “silly putty” and get to meet the Golden Sisters? Tonight our archeologist friend didn’t make a discovery digging in the dirt with his Hello Kitty bucket but in the shop of Really Old Things. While taking a look around, he found the jar with the “silly putty” and bought it for $100. (The shopkeeper was delighted to make some money on that sale!) More surprising, though, was the archeologist’s meeting with the Golden Sisters who seem to know a lot about the “silly putty”. I didn’t quite catch what they called it. It started with too many “P’s”! Do you remember what Callie and Juma overheard it might be worth? What do you think our friends will do after learning that information? Only Day 3 will tell….


During the large group teaching time, I stopped by Mr. Dilly’s tent with the 3rd through 5th graders. Were you guys surprised by any of the things we learned about Moses? At this point, we find Moses more than a little nervous about what God is asking of him. To help Moses develop some faith and trust in God’s power, God shows Moses just a little of what he can do. Can you tell your family what God did with Moses’ staff and what happened to his hand? Even so, Moses still sounds a bit like I might having someone (even God) ask me to do something that seems too big. He gave God a lot of excuses why it might not be a good idea, but God surprised Moses by seeing past it all. After answering all of Moses excuses, God adds that Moses has nothing to fear by going back to Egypt. Do you remember why Moses might have been afraid to go back? It is just a not so small issue with a sin that Moses committed. Do think Moses was surprised God knew about that? Just like when we sin and don’t want anyone to know about it, God still knows about it and recognizes that how we might be feeling. God knows and cares!


Our youngest friends, got to hear some more about our puppet friends, and how just like Moses, one of them had a lot of excuses not to do something. Ask one them what some of those excuses were! They sounded pretty crazy, but in the end, she learned who is in control and that God only asks us to do what we can. We can trust that HE will take care of the rest!


Our evening ended with fun worship songs and our favorite Duo sneaking back onto Egypt’s Got Talent! Were you surprised where Mr. Luke had been sleeping? What about by the judges’ decision in the end? I think our friends are wonderfully talented, but it does seem like things aren’t going so well for them this week!


I am a smidge late in posting this…. So, instead of saying that I will see you tonight, I hope to see you tonight!

More DELIVERED Moments:

IMG_9297IMG_9355IMG_9448Staff Kids get a visit from our puppet friends!IMG_9219IMG_9289Snack Helpers - Hooray!IMG_9303







Day 1 of Delivered: Off to Egypt!

What do you think - does Egypt look like this?

What do you think – does Egypt look like this?

Well, I think we are definitely in Egypt this week! Did you see the sphinx, pyramids, and even a sarcophagus or two? Our friend, Grace, drew me a picture of what she thought Egypt might be like. What do you think – was she right? It certainly looks that way to me!

Anyway, welcome to Egypt! It seems like we are off to a fun-filled start. Singing, dancing, snack, games…. What was your favorite part of the evening? Take a few minutes to tell mom, dad, or a friend about your thoughts.

Let’s take a look at some highlights….

Who knew a jar and dried out silly putty could get you $37.00?

Who knew a jar and dried out silly putty could get you $37.00?

We met Callie and Juma as they were tossing a ball. Were you surprised when their ball ended up in a cave and they found a mysterious jar? I was surprised to learn that it was dried silly putty. Maybe I just have never left my silly putty out for so long, but I don’t think it has ever looked like that! Do you think it was really silly putty? Do you think they got a good deal when they sold it? It will be interesting to see what happens next, and I am curious about the archeologist with the Hello Kitty bucket. I bet he has a part to play in whatever happens.


One of the things I asked in a previous post was what the word “Deliver” can mean. Miss Jodi shared with our youngest campers that it can mean to rescue. In our case, we are learning about Moses and how God used him to rescue the Israelites. Since the Israelites were slaves to Pharaoh, I am pretty sure that is why we have traveled to Egypt!


Talking about Moses, Mr. Scott and our oldest friends discussed what a leader might look like. The funny thing was that Moses didn’t really look at all like the words we came up with, or at least not at first! God had a plan, though, and He made Moses into the leader Moses needed to be. If you were in Mr. Scott’s class, do you remember who he said Moses paralleled? Jesus. Yep. Moses delivered the Israelites out of slavery, and Jesus delivers us from slavery to sin. I am pretty sure we are going to be learning more about that this week!


Game time was terrific, and then we headed back upstairs for closing. What did you think about Mr. Luke and Pastor Craig being on “Egypt’s Got Talent”? What did you think of their talents? Would you vote for them to move to the next round? I think it could be a close call, but my vote would be to let them continue. I want to see what other hidden talents our duo might have!

I hope you had a ton of fun tonight, and don’t forget that it isn’t over. We have four more nights in Egypt, and there is still time to bring along some more friends!










Almost time for DELIVERED!

Do you know what today is? It is EXACTLY one week away from the start of our new adventure with DELIVERED! I hope you all are as excited as I am and have invited friends to come and join us. If you haven’t, there is still time!

When you think about friends to invite, I want to challenge you to think not just about your favorite friends but also about some friends that you don’t know very well too. Believe me, I know it can be scary, yet it can amazing as well. You could end up making another fantastic friend and give them a chance to hear the truth about Jesus! So, if you’re up for it, ask at least one friend you know well but then ask someone you don’t know very well too. It could be the kid you sit next to in a class that doesn’t talk very much, the neighbor that makes too much noise, the person that is always bragging about their cool stuff, or the kids that just moved here from another country. Boy, that last one can be a hard one, especially if they don’t speak English very well. Think about how scary it must be to live someplace totally new, though. I am sure they need a friend as well as the others that I listed. Maybe the kids that brags so much is really just trying to fit in and impress others to be liked. He or she may not have had many friends. And the quiet kid from class, maybe they are really funny but are too shy at school. No matter who the person is, I know one thing is certain, we all need friends and to have the chance to know Jesus. Base Camp is an opportunity for both!

Let’s think about something different…. What does DELIVERED mean? Does anyone know? When I think about something being delivered, I think my favorite thing just might be pizza! Maybe they’ll deliver me a pizza one night! Probably not, but you never know…. I also like when the postman delivers real mail – like letters. I am not so happy when he delivers bills! Have you ever had anything delivered to you before? Have you ever delivered anything? The basic definition of deliver in the dictionary is:

: to take (something) to a person or place

: to say (something) officially or publicly : to present (a speech, statement, etc.) to a group of people

: to do what you say you will do or what people expect you to do : to produce the promised, wanted, or expected results

Why do you think Base Camp is called DELIVERED this year? Do you think something is going to be delivered, and what?

I think a lot could be “delivered”, but I can bet that anyone who has been to Base Camp in the past will agree that some funny (and maybe not so funny) jokes are in the works. Do you know any jokes that might have to do with Egypt? I think mummy jokes are bound to show up, so let’s try a few (answers at the very end):

1) What is the most important day in Egypt?

2) What kind of music do mummies like?

Well now that I have delivered a couple jokes, I think it is time to go and time for you to deliver invitations to friends! If you have a few jokes you would like to share, with permission from your parents, you can deliver them here.

My answers:
1) Mummy Day
2) Wrap music