Day 4: Base Camp’s Got TALENT!

Ten Commandment BoogieI don’t know much about Egypt, but I really think that Base Camp has TALENT! I have to say that I was totally amazed by “The Ten Commandment Boogie,” and I think you all were too. The crowd certainly went wild! I’m not sure how the judges could not let even our duo move on. They all have my vote!


Beyond the Boogie, tonight was just another amazing night in itself! The most amazing part was what we learned, though. Do you remember the big, most important, fact from the week? I sat in with our oldest campers again as Mr. Scott shared more about Jesus and the cross. While it is amazing and true that God used Moses to deliver the Israelites from Pharoah, it is even more amazing and true that Jesus came to deliver us from sin. I think a lot of us have heard about Jesus for so long that we forget or don’t really understand how amazing and what a wonderful gift it is! Imagine being in prison and then getting out. You can finally move around, see the sun…. How do you think it would feel? I think it would be pretty incredible. Well, Jesus has freed us from sin. We don’t like to think about it, but we ALL really do sin. And, well, sin is something that keeps us from really living life and enjoying all the things God has in store for us. It keeps us from Him! What do you think about that? Do you know Jesus? Have you really accepted Him? If you have, have you maybe forgotten just a bit and fallen into some old habits? No matter where you are, God knows it! He knows your sin. He knows my sin. He knows the sin of your friend next door. He knows our biggest need, and Jesus came to take care of that need!


After Base Camp tonight, I heard that our 1st grade girls talked a bit about choices. Do you know that we all have a choice? We can choose to stay in prison chained to sin, or we can choose to let Jesus set us free. God doesn’t force us even though He wants nothing more than to see us choose to come to Him. I have a feeling that Pastor Craig is going to talk to us a bit more about that tonight. If you have questions, I hope you will ask any of your Base Camp staff! And, remember, just like with Moses and the Egyptian he killed, sin likes nothing more than to make us ashamed and scared. Even if you know Jesus, it is okay to tell someone else about it. It makes it a lot less scary and helps break those chains. Someone else can even help you pray with God about it. God already knows, so there is nothing you can say to Him that will change how much He loves you!

Whew, I need to get going, but I hope to see everyone tonight. (Yes, I am just a bit off again in posting….) We also get to see the conclusion of our story with the archeologist. What fun!