Day 3: Plagued


Okay, so we didn’t experience real plagues (other than at snack time!), but I can honestly say that we have been “plagued” by plenty of smiles. If I had to choose, I think it is a pretty great thing with which to be plagued!


Anyway, I can hardly believe that tonight was our third day of Base Camp: DELIVERED! Every night seems to hold something new. What did you think of tonight? Did you have a favorite part? Personally, I love it all, but I really like the worship time. It is great to see you guys all smiling, singing, and enjoying praising God.

Tonight our teaching time focused on Moses, Pharaoh, and the plagues, but most importantly how God’s power was made known. God really does seem to have it all in control! If God cares that much about Moses and the Israelites, do you think He cares about us like that too? Do you think He is in control even when things seem a bit scary or even crazy? One of our teachers mentioned how her class talked about ways we see God’s power all around us. God doesn’t have to part the Red Sea for us to see Him work. We can see Him in our everyday lives and even in things like a thunderstorm. How do you see God? Get your parents’ permission to share your ideas below. I’d love to hear them!


Early in the evening we also watched as the friends, archeologist, shopkeeper, and Golden Sisters snuck into the cave. Do you remember what they were after? What do you think will happen next? Were you surprised by the scream from our archeologist? Some of our kindergarteners thought he sounded a bit like a girl! It certainly was high pitched and different than most of us probably expected.

Speaking of unexpected, we got to see another interesting talent from our duo. What did you think of their talent? One of the judges liked it so much that she cried!

Well, it is way past my bedtime, so here area few photos until tomorrow!