Day 2: DELIVERED Surprises

Ready for Day 2!
How was your 2nd day at DELIVERED? Mine was a lot of fun and held some surprises! One of my strangest surprises was seeing a snowball fight in August! I know that it has been a cooler than normal summer, but it has not been that cold and certainly not yesterday! Wondering what I am talking about? Well, ask any of our youngest campers, and I am betting they will tell you about their fun game throwing “snowballs” at one another and their leaders. I know I saw tons of smiles.

Snowballs in August

Speaking of surprises, were you surprised to learn more about that “silly putty” and get to meet the Golden Sisters? Tonight our archeologist friend didn’t make a discovery digging in the dirt with his Hello Kitty bucket but in the shop of Really Old Things. While taking a look around, he found the jar with the “silly putty” and bought it for $100. (The shopkeeper was delighted to make some money on that sale!) More surprising, though, was the archeologist’s meeting with the Golden Sisters who seem to know a lot about the “silly putty”. I didn’t quite catch what they called it. It started with too many “P’s”! Do you remember what Callie and Juma overheard it might be worth? What do you think our friends will do after learning that information? Only Day 3 will tell….


During the large group teaching time, I stopped by Mr. Dilly’s tent with the 3rd through 5th graders. Were you guys surprised by any of the things we learned about Moses? At this point, we find Moses more than a little nervous about what God is asking of him. To help Moses develop some faith and trust in God’s power, God shows Moses just a little of what he can do. Can you tell your family what God did with Moses’ staff and what happened to his hand? Even so, Moses still sounds a bit like I might having someone (even God) ask me to do something that seems too big. He gave God a lot of excuses why it might not be a good idea, but God surprised Moses by seeing past it all. After answering all of Moses excuses, God adds that Moses has nothing to fear by going back to Egypt. Do you remember why Moses might have been afraid to go back? It is just a not so small issue with a sin that Moses committed. Do think Moses was surprised God knew about that? Just like when we sin and don’t want anyone to know about it, God still knows about it and recognizes that how we might be feeling. God knows and cares!


Our youngest friends, got to hear some more about our puppet friends, and how just like Moses, one of them had a lot of excuses not to do something. Ask one them what some of those excuses were! They sounded pretty crazy, but in the end, she learned who is in control and that God only asks us to do what we can. We can trust that HE will take care of the rest!


Our evening ended with fun worship songs and our favorite Duo sneaking back onto Egypt’s Got Talent! Were you surprised where Mr. Luke had been sleeping? What about by the judges’ decision in the end? I think our friends are wonderfully talented, but it does seem like things aren’t going so well for them this week!


I am a smidge late in posting this…. So, instead of saying that I will see you tonight, I hope to see you tonight!

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