Day 1 of Delivered: Off to Egypt!

What do you think - does Egypt look like this?

What do you think – does Egypt look like this?

Well, I think we are definitely in Egypt this week! Did you see the sphinx, pyramids, and even a sarcophagus or two? Our friend, Grace, drew me a picture of what she thought Egypt might be like. What do you think – was she right? It certainly looks that way to me!

Anyway, welcome to Egypt! It seems like we are off to a fun-filled start. Singing, dancing, snack, games…. What was your favorite part of the evening? Take a few minutes to tell mom, dad, or a friend about your thoughts.

Let’s take a look at some highlights….

Who knew a jar and dried out silly putty could get you $37.00?

Who knew a jar and dried out silly putty could get you $37.00?

We met Callie and Juma as they were tossing a ball. Were you surprised when their ball ended up in a cave and they found a mysterious jar? I was surprised to learn that it was dried silly putty. Maybe I just have never left my silly putty out for so long, but I don’t think it has ever looked like that! Do you think it was really silly putty? Do you think they got a good deal when they sold it? It will be interesting to see what happens next, and I am curious about the archeologist with the Hello Kitty bucket. I bet he has a part to play in whatever happens.


One of the things I asked in a previous post was what the word “Deliver” can mean. Miss Jodi shared with our youngest campers that it can mean to rescue. In our case, we are learning about Moses and how God used him to rescue the Israelites. Since the Israelites were slaves to Pharaoh, I am pretty sure that is why we have traveled to Egypt!


Talking about Moses, Mr. Scott and our oldest friends discussed what a leader might look like. The funny thing was that Moses didn’t really look at all like the words we came up with, or at least not at first! God had a plan, though, and He made Moses into the leader Moses needed to be. If you were in Mr. Scott’s class, do you remember who he said Moses paralleled? Jesus. Yep. Moses delivered the Israelites out of slavery, and Jesus delivers us from slavery to sin. I am pretty sure we are going to be learning more about that this week!


Game time was terrific, and then we headed back upstairs for closing. What did you think about Mr. Luke and Pastor Craig being on “Egypt’s Got Talent”? What did you think of their talents? Would you vote for them to move to the next round? I think it could be a close call, but my vote would be to let them continue. I want to see what other hidden talents our duo might have!

I hope you had a ton of fun tonight, and don’t forget that it isn’t over. We have four more nights in Egypt, and there is still time to bring along some more friends!