Almost time for DELIVERED!

Do you know what today is? It is EXACTLY one week away from the start of our new adventure with DELIVERED! I hope you all are as excited as I am and have invited friends to come and join us. If you haven’t, there is still time!

When you think about friends to invite, I want to challenge you to think not just about your favorite friends but also about some friends that you don’t know very well too. Believe me, I know it can be scary, yet it can amazing as well. You could end up making another fantastic friend and give them a chance to hear the truth about Jesus! So, if you’re up for it, ask at least one friend you know well but then ask someone you don’t know very well too. It could be the kid you sit next to in a class that doesn’t talk very much, the neighbor that makes too much noise, the person that is always bragging about their cool stuff, or the kids that just moved here from another country. Boy, that last one can be a hard one, especially if they don’t speak English very well. Think about how scary it must be to live someplace totally new, though. I am sure they need a friend as well as the others that I listed. Maybe the kids that brags so much is really just trying to fit in and impress others to be liked. He or she may not have had many friends. And the quiet kid from class, maybe they are really funny but are too shy at school. No matter who the person is, I know one thing is certain, we all need friends and to have the chance to know Jesus. Base Camp is an opportunity for both!

Let’s think about something different…. What does DELIVERED mean? Does anyone know? When I think about something being delivered, I think my favorite thing just might be pizza! Maybe they’ll deliver me a pizza one night! Probably not, but you never know…. I also like when the postman delivers real mail – like letters. I am not so happy when he delivers bills! Have you ever had anything delivered to you before? Have you ever delivered anything? The basic definition of deliver in the dictionary is:

: to take (something) to a person or place

: to say (something) officially or publicly : to present (a speech, statement, etc.) to a group of people

: to do what you say you will do or what people expect you to do : to produce the promised, wanted, or expected results

Why do you think Base Camp is called DELIVERED this year? Do you think something is going to be delivered, and what?

I think a lot could be “delivered”, but I can bet that anyone who has been to Base Camp in the past will agree that some funny (and maybe not so funny) jokes are in the works. Do you know any jokes that might have to do with Egypt? I think mummy jokes are bound to show up, so let’s try a few (answers at the very end):

1) What is the most important day in Egypt?

2) What kind of music do mummies like?

Well now that I have delivered a couple jokes, I think it is time to go and time for you to deliver invitations to friends! If you have a few jokes you would like to share, with permission from your parents, you can deliver them here.

My answers:
1) Mummy Day
2) Wrap music