Hero Contest!

Less than a week away until our adventure begins! This year’s theme is ‘Heroes.’ What do you think it means to be a hero? Have you ever wanted to be a hero? When I think of heroes, I think of a couple of different kinds. The first is a superhero – you know, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman….. I’m sure you can think of some. (I have to confess that one of my favorite heroes these days is Po from Kung Fu Panda. He can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he does save the day and is pretty cool. I know Po never thought he would be a hero!) The other type of hero I think of are people like firefighters and policemen. They rush into dangerous situations when everyone else is running the other way. Who do you think of when you hear the word hero?

According to the dictionary, a hero can be the following:
1 a: a mythological or legendary figure endowed with great strength or ability
b: an illustrious warrior
c: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
d: one who shows great courage

It can also be another name for a submarine sandwich, but I don’t think that is what we are going to be talking about this week. I guess you never know, though. I can imagine Mr. Luke and Pastor Craig getting pretty hungry during their antics and ordering a hero sandwich!

I hope that we are going to have many returning friends this year as well as many new! To get us started, I have some questions for you to think about and answer. The first person to answer from each grade group (6th/7th grade is combined) will get a special surprise the first night. To participate, click on the spot ‘leave a comment.’ (Okay this with mom or dad first!). Enter only your 1st name and grade. Answer one of the questions below. Remember – heroes are trustworthy, so don’t look at the answers of anyone else until you post your own!

If you are a RETURNING camper,
* Name one or more of the heroes from past years like one of these:
– Who resuscitated Jimmy the Raccoon during HUGE after his watery encounter?
– Who rescued our islanders last year during FOUND?  (If you can’t remember the name, tell us how he rescued the islanders and/or did he look like how you would expect a hero to be…)
– Name one of the good kings we learned about in QUEST? (I think they could count as heroes….)
– Who went back in time to help rescue Scoop during QUEST?
(Be sure to tell me what hero instance to which you are referring!)

If you are a NEW camper or in grades kindergarten to 2nd,
* Name someone you think is a hero and why OR
* Tell us what kind of super power you would want to have.

Thanks! Can’t wait to read all your answers and see you on Sunday!
Don’t forget to preregister here to help us prepare and start on time: http://basecamp.fhbcgr.org/online-registration/


  1. Grace, Grade 4 says:

    King David was a Hero, because he loved and served God.

  2. Jack 2nd grade says:

    If I were a hero I would want to fly

    • Even though I hate heights, I have always thought that flying would be a super cool power to have!

  3. Emma - kindergarten says:

    I would want the power of telekenesis to pick up my big brother and throw him

    • I hadn’t thought about telekinesis. It would be a pretty amazing power too! Would you really throw your brother, Miss Emma, or maybe just hold him suspended in mid-air?

  4. bruce wayne says:


  5. Ava, 1st grade says:

    If I was a superhero, I would want to fly!

    • Being able to fly would be one of my first choices too! I also think being able to turn invisible might be fun, but I think having any super power would be cool!

  6. Caleb, 2nd grade says:

    If I was a superhero, I would be super strong!

    • I can imagine you lifting super heavy things like a car or a bus or even things that are heavier! I wonder what kind of super powers we will talk about this week….