Be Our Hero!

Super Heroes
It’s almost here – Base Camp 2013! This year’s theme is Heroes. Have you ever dreamed of being a hero? Well now you can be to your Base Camp staff and friends! Being our hero is really pretty simple. You don’t even have to leap tall buildings in a single bound! To be our hero, do the following:

1) Ask your mom or dad if they have registered you for Base Camp.

2) If they haven’t, ask them to do so online here:
(Online registration helps us to prepare and start on time, but you can register any night as well.)

3) Invite your friends if you haven’t done so already, and remind them that they can register online too!

4) Arrive promptly on Sunday, July 28th. Check-in and registration for those who have not already done so begins at 6:00PM.

5) Bring a smile, great attitude, and be ready for fun, singing, and learning!

6) Check back frequently for updates, pictures, and info.

We can’t wait to see you on the 28th!