We’re Waiting for You!


We’re Waiting for You!

I was so excited about Jimmy’s drawing the other day and talking about the jungle that I forgot about our other questions. Did anyone answer, if something is “FOUND”, it might first be what? My first thought is LOST. I am always so excited when I find something that I have lost. What about you? Have you ever lost something and then found it? How did you feel?

While I was thinking about this, though, I realized that you can find things that weren’t lost. For example, I might say that I FOUND someone’s house if I was following directions to get to it. The house was never “lost”, but I did need help to find it. So, if something is found, it could also suggest that it was being searched for. In my example of finding someone’s house, directions sure come in handy. I AM NOT directionally gifted. I’m a little worried about being in the jungle. If someone tells me to turn right at the palm tree and there are 10 palm trees, exactly what am I going to do!

This leads us to that strange symbol in the letter “O”. Do you know what it is? It is a compass. A compass is used to give direction. The little arrow in the center always points to the north so that you can then determine which way is east, west, and south. As long as you know which direction you are suppose to head, you can use it to steer your course. Can you think of other examples of things that give direction?

I bet you have a recipe book in your house. It is how your mom or dad makes your favorite meal. Even your school books give directions. They may tell you how to solve that math problem. One of the best direction books I can think of, though, is the Bible. It give us all sorts of guidance on how to live our lives and tells us of God’s big plans. I think we are going to hear a lot about God’s big plan this week. Hope you are excited and ready. We’re waiting for you! See you Sunday night!