Less than A WEEK until Base Camp 2012!

WOW!!!! Can you believe it? There is less than a week until Base Camp 2012 starts on July 29th! This year’s title is FOUND. Can you even imagine what we are going to experience during the week? In previous years we’ve been to the old west, the belly of a whale, and even seen time travel! At this point, I know about as much as you do in terms of what is in store for us. The only clues we really have are in the title and the previous info that it takes place in the jungle.

So, let’s think about this….

  1. If something is “FOUND”, it might first be what?
  2. If you look at the word “FOUND” in the logo, the letter “O” looks different. What is it a picture of? Do you know what that thing is used for?
    The Found "O" with a compass inside
  3. Jungle. Have you ever been to a jungle? What do you think a jungle is like? I have never been to a jungle. What do you think we might see in a jungle? Will there be different animals and plants? Is it hot or cold? Rainy or dry? We have students that just went to a jungle in Brazil. Maybe we should ask them what the jungle is like. If you know one of these students, ask them and share what they tell you! Even if you can’t ask someone, share what you think below or draw a picture of what you think a jungle might be like. If you draw a picture, I’d love to see it and know your leaders would too!

Before we get started on this adventure, though, there are a couple of important things we should do.

  1. Make sure your parents register you online here. You can register any night, but online registration helps everyone plan as well as us get started on time.
  2. Every adventure is more fun with friends, so invite others to come and join us.
  3. Pray for a great week with your friends and hearing the “big picture” of God’s plan for redemption.