Jimmy the Raccoon shares some of his Base Camp homework

I was over at church today, and let me say that it is rapidly being transformed. You won’t believe it when you see it! Did anyone draw a picture of what they think a jungle might look like? Well, while I was there, Jimmy the Raccoon showed me his and told me that he had talked to some of our teens about the jungle in Brazil. Check out his picture. What do you think? Is it close or not? I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

Jimmy's Jungle

Jimmy the Raccoon’s Base Camp homework drawing of a jungle.

In the meantime, according to Jimmy, the teens say that the jungle they saw in Brazil was very green. There were lots of palm trees, other plants, and the weather temperatures averaged in the 80’s. This sounds about like our ‘normal’ summer temps, but the amazing thing is that in Brazil it is winter time. Can you imagine it being 80’s in the winter? We would NEVER see snow! It also seems like it rained a little each day, but it wasn’t too bad. Christopher told Jimmy that the first night they were there and sleeping in tents that they heard a lion roar. I couldn’t believe this. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think lions lived in Brazil or in the jungle. I might have guessed that it was a jaguar or tiger, but not a lion. It turns out that the boys were RIGHT, except that this lion is only there because he is part of a nearby zoo. Whew!

As Jimmy and I talked, we both admitted that we might be a little nervous visiting a jungle with wild animals. Luckily we were looking through pictures from the Brazil trip. It seems that some of our leaders are pretty handy with hatchets and machetes. As long as we don’t stand too close, we should be pretty safe. (Jimmy assures me that Pauly is quite okay now, and it was a pretend pose.) Plus, I know that Pastor Craig wouldn’t take us anywhere too dangerous. Jimmy isn’t quite so certain as something unexpected ALWAYS seems to happen to him.

Jungle Leaders

Part of the mission team to Brazil and some of your possible leaders!

So, check out a couple of the Brazil pictures below to see if they look like how you thought a jungle might appear. Isn’t it amazing that God made so many different types of places (mountains, deserts, jungles, oceans…) in the world that are all special and unique! Do you think you’d like to live in a jungle?

Jungle Animal

Jungle Animal in Brazil


Jimmy’s drawing doesn’t show this!

Don’t forget to invite your friends to our adventure! It is almost here!