Looking Towards a Rescuer (Day 3 of Found)

Worship Helpers

Campers get involved in leading us in song!

It is hard to believe that our time together is over half done now. I hope that we get to hear if both sets of castaways get rescued. Could you imagine being stranded and separated from home forever? Luckily, it sounds like Amelia, Ty, and their fellow islanders have learned that rescue from a king is on the way. It was interesting to hear their thoughts on what this king might be like … strong, rich, knight, jedi, or maybe even Elvis (?). What do you imagine their rescuer might be like?

Island Debate

Our islanders discuss their circumstances & possible rescue!

Speaking of rescues, Flipper and Mulligan are still asking the volcano to help them get off their island as well. The volcano seemed pretty interested in Christmas plans and had our poor castaways singing and dancing to the song of Rudolph. Even though she admitted that they did well, the volcano was not ready to help them off the island. Tomorrow she wants to exchange gifts. I think this could be interesting, but I’m starting to wonder if she will EVER help them.

Christmas Clowns

Flipper & Mulligan as Santa and Rudolph


You still aren’t ready to help us????

While the stories of our various island friends were very fun and intriguing, they ultimately remind us of the consequences of sin and the need for our own rescuer. All our campers have been learning how ALL the stories in the Bible about people like Gideon, Esther, Moses, Noah, and David are REAL. They aren’t fairy tales but history. Plus they point to our ultimate rescuer whom we are learning more about. He is the only one who can rescue us because He is perfect and holy. No one else is or ever will be. Do you remember what we’ve learned about Him so far?

Mr. Scott has been meeting with our oldest campers. Tonight they talked about if someone is a true christian there will be evidence in their life. Just like if you are in a garage, this does not make you a car. Likewise, just attending church does not make someone a christian. There will always be more evidence. Can you think of evidence that some has a relationship with Jesus? Do you have questions about what that means? I am sure we will be talking more about this tomorrow, but if you do have questions or don’t get something, please don’t be afraid to ask any of the leaders. We won’t laugh at any question, big or small. In fact, asking questions is one of the best ways to learn about something.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow but also feeling a little sleepy. Enjoy a few more pics, and we’ll see you tomorrow.




All Wet

Where Are You?

Where are you????

They All Fall Down

We’re going DOWN!

Singing Fun

Singing and Dancing