Sliding into day 3 of The Quest!

Coming In!

When I say “sliding”, I do mean it literally! Kids and staff had tons of fun sliding down a soapy, wet slip and slide. While we were a little worried about weather, the rain cooperated and moved on before game time. Even if it had been raining, Lady Ashley reminded us that we were going to get wet anyway!

Volunteer Song Leaders

While the slide was a major event of the night, our evening started off with singing and a report from Scoop. We almost didn’t get to hear from our traveling reporter as he was feeling under the weather. Given the eel he was eating, we have to wonder if this wasn’t part of the issue. A trained professional, though, Scoop brought us a report on a local business man, Abe Hiltan, and his wife. While they pretended to be good, especially on Sundays, Abe and his wife looked out for themselves and made bad choices. Choices . . . I think I am sensing a theme. I even think choosing was in one of the songs we sang. Do you remember which Bible verse it has to do with that we are learning?

Mr. Scott talks about compromise

This evening we learned about King Hezekiah. He is the first good king that we have studied this week. Even when he was taunted by others who were more powerful than himself, Hezekiah chose to do the right thing. Do you think it was easy or hard for him? Hezekiah is a good example of someone doing the right thing even when it might be hard. Some of our older kids took this theme a little further and talked about such things as compromise. Take a few minutes to share with your family what you learned.

Our Brave Jousters

Our adventurous evening ended with Mr. Luke and Mr. Craig taking a trip through the time machine. Thankfully, they returned in time to lead us in more songs. Unfortunately, their time of jousting in England may have left them both with bad headaches. Wonder what will happen tomorrow? A few more photos until then . . . .

Making a Splash!

Princess Power - Watch Out Piñata

Fun times at Base Camp!

Unity Slide

Sliding Fast

Fun, fun, fun!

Making sure you get wet!

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