Our Quest – Recap of Day 2!

What another amazing evening! Kids and staff enjoyed hearing the latest update from Scoop. I’m not sure we have yet figured out exactly “when” he is in medieval England, but we enjoyed hearing about and witnessing a joust. From Scoop’s report, it seems as though even knights can ultimately lose focus and make the wrong choices. Have you ever made a wrong choice? What kind of good choices do you make? Speaking of choices, we do hope that Scoop will refrain from eating while while using “Thine Skype” in the future, but we are even more hopeful that he has recovered from being hit in the head with a laptop and toilet paper as Mr. Luke and Mr. Craig sent them through the time machine. It should be an interesting work week for Pastor Jeff whose laptop is now elsewhere in time.

Live with Scoop via "Thine Skype"

During our teaching time, we learned about our third king of the week, Ahab. He was a wicked king who chose to disobey God, but when he repented, God forgave him. Forgiveness is a great thing!!!! Ms. Shirley also talked with some of our younger kids about how much God loves us and wants us to be with Him. The problem is that God can’t stand sin. Do you remember who has sinned? If you answered “all of us”, you are exactly right. While this can sound scary, I have great news! In the next days, we get to find out what God did because He loves us so very much! Be sure to share what you learned tonight with your family and come back tomorrow to see what we will find out on our Quest next.

Learning with Ms. Shirley

To round out our time together, we had tremendous fun during games and singing together! Check out the fun below and remember that tomorrow we will be getting WET! Please bring appropriate clothing and a towel.

Tug of War

Tug of War (the other side)

Someone may get wet!

Another day of jousting fun

Sack race laughter

An interesting race . . . .

Worshiping and having fun with songs!

Praying before snack

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