Moments from Day 4 of The Quest


It is so hard to believe that our week has almost come to an end. Staff and kids seemed eager to be back, and we saw lots of smiling faces as we enjoyed time together with friends. Speaking of friends, our friend, Scoop, is still in medieval England. While he claimed to be feeling better, his use of leeches as a remedy resulted in him feeling lightheaded, and we heard some groans from his fans when he began to eat them! We also had a small scare when Jimmy the Raccoon volunteered to take Scoop needed directions for his return. Reports are that Jimmy is okay.

Cabin time for 1st grade boys

During our teaching time, we learned about 2 very different kings, King Manasseh and King Josiah. Even though they were only 12 and 8 years old when they became kings, they had to choose between good and evil, and if they would serve God. Do you remember which king chose to serve God and which didn’t? In cabin time we continued talking about how we can choose to serve God, just like the child king, Josiah. We were even reminded how God forgave Ahab when he repented. God loves us so much that He never wants us to be separated from Him because of sin, so He sent Jesus. We have to do our part, though, and choose to repent and serve God.

Weapons testing

When we regrouped at the end of the night, Mr. Craig and Mr. Luke were up to more of their antics. After their attempt at jousting last night, they decided to test out how much different weapons hurt when used on someone wearing armor. Luckily for us, they chose to test them on one another rather than a member of the audience!

Major tug of war

We have really enjoyed having all the kids here with us this week for “The Quest.” We hope your entire family will join us tomorrow evening, (Thursday, August 4) at 6:15 as we wrap up our adventure!

A few more moments . . . .

Singing time just makes me want to jump!

Behind the scenes . . . .

Sled Races???



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