Family Fun on Day 5 of The Quest

Scoop and Jimmy return!

This evening we wrapped up “The Quest” with an evening of fun. We enjoyed a time of singing and then received a final report from Scoop. Things were certainly amiss with the time machine. He surprised us all by walking in with Jimmy! (Boy, it was a relief to see Jimmy all in one piece. Base Camps can be hard on him!) Scoop has apparently been back for 2 weeks, but since he only left 5 days ago, does this mean there were two of him here for awhile? It was rather hard to understand. . . . Scoop, however, did bring us a final report in looking back at the kings we studied: While earthly kings may fail, we can choose to put our trust in a heavenly king who will never fail. What a wonderful message!

Obstacle course

Our evening concluded with dinner, fun on inflatables, and even a catapult. Thank you to all the children and families who participated this week. We enjoyed playing, praying, laughing, and learning with you. Please feel to check us out on a Sunday and/or come back for more kids fun with God’s Word in AWANA this September. (AWANA is for kids through 6th grade. For those entering 7th grade, we have plenty of youth group activities awaiting you!)

Return from the past

Where to first?

Catapult time

Launch recipients - I don't think they would have been this excited in the middle ages!


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