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Day Three l HUGE COMPASSION - Base Camp 2017Base Camp 2017



Campers get high fives heading in with enthusiasm to day three of Base Camp 2010.

The guys show their counselor how much they appreciate him with a full out tackle and pile-up.

A prayer to thank God for his HUGE compassion for us all.

You go Ms Jodi. Thanks for all the great teaching!

Ring around the rosie fun while dancing to the Wild Kingdom puppet band.

Tossing the water balloon in to the whales mouth as part of the games obstacle course.

Arms linked and hearts connected. These girls are making friendships that make God smile.

A hop, skip and a jump towards fun, faith and friendship.

The sun begins to set on another great night of nice weather, fun games, and quaility time learning about the Lord.

Go team Go! Nobody dropped the ball on being good sportmans tonight.

Thanks sports crew for all your efforts to make game time so fun!

Memory game. Practice for learning our memory verse. Psalm 103:8

Oh Jimmy, what has become of you?

Trying to revive Jimmy from his tragic run in with the HUGE mystery fish. Will Craig and Luke be able to avenge Jimmy and finally catch the mystery creature that lurks in the depths? Join us Wednesday to find out.

Noreen and her cabin girls enjoy singing worship songs together. Thanks for your energy!

Heather and Wendy take a moment at the end of tonight to pray together.