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Day Four l HUGE LOVE l Base Camp 2010 - Base Camp 2017Base Camp 2017



Everyone is getting in the groove with motions and song. Praise the Lord!

A moment of prayer before the assembly is dismissed.

Troy leads the large group teaching reflecting on God's HUGE love for us all.

Ms Jody presents God's plan of salvation and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven to the little ones during large group teaching time.

Life size whale on the gym floor gives kids perspective how they could fit into the belly of a whale like Jonah did.

The younger kids take their turn in the belly of the life size whale painted on the gym floor.

Wet Wedneday held true to its name. There wasn't a dry shirt to be found.

A hill, soap, water, and plastic, a winning combination for a good ole time.

Even the counselors Noreen and Gwen get into the water slide action.


Jason looks like he might take a bite out of Kisha's daughter if she doesn't rescue her.

A towel parade of girls who had an absolute blast slipping and sliding through the Wet Wednesday obstacle course.

A topping frenzy as icecream is enjoyed after playing on the water slide.

Girls warm each up and warm each others heart with true friendship.

Craig and Luke tried a bait system that left them in the cold. The HUGE mystery fish is still on the loose.