Twitter Updates for 2009-08-06

  • Day 3 of Base Camp pictures are up! #
  • Come tonight to find out how the story turns out for Gil’s kids and grandkids! Will they get to keep their property? #
  • 2 hour countdown…don’t miss it! #
  • Lots o’ shootin’ goin’ down tonight with the automatic gunslinger. #
  • King David makes a big mistake in tonight’s story – just like we do all the time! Come find out how big God’s mercy is tonight. #
  • Come on, Monty! Help the kids! #
  • “Wild Doc” Perry and Sixstring Luke think they have the gunslinger figured out. Could be a big victory at closing time tonight! #
  • Cabin pictures going on now – will be available for parents to print on the website later this week. #
  • Day 4 pictures are up now! #


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