Twitter Updates for 2009-08-04

  • Day 2 begins at 6pm @fhbc. Be there and bring your friends! #
  • Less than 1hr! Day 2 will include the next segment of the Gil's Gilvopper saga. Also the next automatic gunslinger segment. Don't be late! #
  • Staff is all here, ready for campers! #
  • Monty really shook up Gil's grandkids today. Hope they find out about the gilvopper soon! #
  • Watching the First Baptist Church of Lowell's puppet team sing "What a mighty God we serve" and "Pharoah Pharoah." The kids love it! #
  • The older crew is rocking the water balloon volleyball! Scorpion just made Matthew S scream like a girl! 🙂 #
  • Mmmm…Trail mix. Counselor time for the wee ones. Big kids are getting wet. Sorry, mom! #
  • Blog post to come, but here is the day 2 in Pictures: #


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