Official Statement from Jan Marko

I regret to inform you that I will not be staying at the Base Camp Village with the rest of the teams. I will be staying at my private yacht on the Thornapple River. I will still be competing each day and will hope to drop in on the Base Camp kiddies some day this week.

In the meantime, the games continue. Go Skandalnavia!

-Jan (pronounced “Yon”) Marko

2 Responses to “Official Statement from Jan Marko”

  1. Mr. Z. Says:

    Is ‘Jan’ a man’s name? Or a coward?

  2. Jan Marko Says:

    Jan is a very manly name in Skandalnavia, like A-Rod or Tyrell. You had better watch out kiddies and the mysterious Mr. Z: I will be at the closing ceremonies to receive my medals. I am in no mood for your happy little Base Camp – I came to win.