Day 4 – Jesus is Resurrected and Appears to the Disciples

What an awesome wrap-up to a fantastic week! Energetic singing, some (pretty bad) pirate jokes, great teaching about Jesus’ resurrection, cabin groups, a treasure hunt, captured pirates, and some great friendships made this a week to remember at Forest Hills Baptist Church.

Enjoy some pictures; video to come…

The kintergarten boys cabin group

The 5th- and 6th-grade girls cabin group

Dow-a leads in the captured pirates

Mrs. Leeds teaches about Jesus and His resurrection

Cabin groups discuss Jesus’ resurrection

The hunt for the treasure map is on!

ChickBo makes sure that Mad Dog cooperates and puts the map back together

Red Coat is mateless, and announces that he is leaving Marakou

Red Coat is captured and a (long) list of charges is read to him

Judge Lacey declares Red Coat guilty as charged: walk the plank!

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3 Responses to “Day 4 – Jesus is Resurrected and Appears to the Disciples”

  1. Quinton Zuinton Says:

    There wasn’t much of a splash with redcoat (since the kids were screaming and yelling) but it was very shallow in that tub

  2. Quinton Zuidema Says:

    that’s not (X)zuinton(X) it’s zuidema

  3. Quinton Zuidema Says:

    Redcoat siad that there would be sign up sheet for whoever wanted to be his firstmate, and I was the very first to sign up (YEAH THAT’S RIGHT ISLANDERS, REDCOAT’S TRYING TO UNDERMINE YOU!)