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Base Camp 2017 » Blog Archive Day 1 - Welcome to Marokau - Base Camp 2017

Day 1 – Welcome to Marokau

Base Camp 2007 has begun, with the ChickBo and the Islanders in hot pursuit of Red Coat and his band of pirates. Can you come to the island of Marokau and help them recover their treasure?

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11 Responses to “Day 1 – Welcome to Marokau”

  1. Redcoat Says:

    Nicey, nice!

    Everyone’s having fun are they?

    Don’t you think that helping those nasty natives is going to turn out well for you!

    Your nice Base Camp is going to be ruined…you can count on that.

    The maps? The Treasure?

    Don’t you worry yourselves about that!

    I’ve got it all, and I’m not about to give it back.


  2. michaela Says:

    ha! you don’t have to the natives will get it back and you won’t get away with stealing the treasure. i think you will go to jail and probably stay there till you rot. then i will laugh at you and your sceam.

  3. michaela Says:

    hey redcoat one “last” thing if you ever think our base camp will be ruined you need to rethink your options: being turned in and put in jail, turning yourself in and still go to jail or geting cought by natives and going to jail. Nomatter what you go to jail. it’s a sad sad world. but us campers will make sure we have as much fun as possible!!!!!!

  4. Brooke Christie Says:

    Red coat i think that you have had some sort of troubleing experience with these natives as a young pirate and that you are trying to get them back well… that’s just too bad. not only are there many natives, but there are many councelors also. I myself am a councelor and if you think that stealing this treasure hails you you couldn’t be more wrong in MY opinion you’re just a scum bucket, deck swabbing, barnacle scraping, sail scrubbing scaliwag. Awrevoir

  5. Dillon Christie Says:

    hey base campers lets get all the pieces of the map so we can get the treasure back from the pirates and redcoat mate you’ll be ye’ll be walking the plank NOT US SAVEY

  6. Anonymous Says:

    REDCOAT MATE I see you as a pirate that is a swab the deck scallywag walk the plank bozo so GET OUT OF MY WAY DUMB PIRATES

  7. DILLON Says:

    redcoat chech your email

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hey red coat when are you going to read the blog… i mean our nasty insults. speeking of insults when are you scallywags going to give up,your out-numbered and you know it. the campers and the natives are working as a team to get the tresure back, so give it a rest!

  9. hobblo de penguin Says:

    ahoy ye redcoat and pirates better be warned the natives are on to u and there is no way u can escape ill be seein u on the planck! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    hobblo de penguin lol

  10. dillon Says:

    leave me alone or your in prison til you rot

  11. Quinton Zuidema Says:

    I say the pirates are the coolest people I’ve ever seen. I’m even thinking about joining them.
    To:islanders;SUCKERS you won’t have a chance against me teamed up with Redcoat.